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BEAUTY TOOLS | SKIN TONE BEAUTY BLENDER (5pcs)A beauty blender for every tone foundation. For endless blendarisma without confusing the shades while hurrying to do your makeup.Made of non-latex material ideal for blending techniques.Instructions for use: Wet the beauty Blender with water. Lightly re..
BEAUTY TOOLS- Base for Beauty BlenderHygiene is the A and the Z during makeup. The minimal Base for Beauty Blender came to put an organization in things and definitely give style to your boudoir!It is a stable and hard construction so that you can have it at home and on the road, without fear of bre..
Inuwet Lip Balm Party Day 3gr, Vegan Lip Balm The unique Lip Balm that looks like a precious stone sprinkled with shiny confetti. A glamorous festive version of your favorite Inuwet lip balm that can be worn either on its own to give a seductive glow to bare lips or to be worn as a top coat ove..
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